Rice is honest, straightforward food and a staple in every Cajun pantry.  South Louisiana produces more of the grain than most any other region of America. The flat plains of western Acadiana in Jeff Davis and Acadia parishes are a low-lying area where rice farming is especially abundant.

But rice is much more than just food.  Cajun country is rice and gravy culture. Around here, a soppin’-good gravy is like curling up with your grand-mère’s hand-sewn quilt on a cold January night —it’ll warm your soul.  South Louisiana cooks make an entire dinner only to get to the last step of gravy making that just happens to be the primary objective of the whole ordeal.  A well-made gravy is the icing on the cake.  It’s the cherry on top — the a la mode for the hot apple pie.

This gravy starts with grease — bacon grease to be exact.  Now, don’t bail out before you hear me out. I know that just the mention of the word conjures up all sorts of unhealthy thoughts, and truth be told, this recipe is not going to win any awards for lite eating. But, if there were an award for the tastiest, most flavor-filled gravy, then with this recipe you’re taking home the trophy.

So, the next time you cook for your family, have this gravy recipe ready to go.  Your dinner menu might be familiar and simple — maybe down-home fried chicken or a platter of pork chops — but we all know the real reason for firing up the stove is the rice and gravy.

Good gravy!

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